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 - Dry-Hopped Lager Craft Sauce

Brewery: Dochter van de Korenaar
Beer: Claire
Chillies: Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion & Aji Amarillo
Burn-O-Meter: Very Hot

Inhoud: 100ml

Feisty Claire is a stinger. With her pepper overload and extra hop treatment with the traditional lager hop Saaz she gives you everything you need in a hoppy craft sauce.

If you live or work in Tilburg, please choose for 'afhalen' when you place an order.

Within the city borders we do free deliveries, we will contact you for the best time to deliver your order.

All the hot sauces we make are one-offs. Every hot sauce is made with an unique beer and pepper blend that's suited with the beer style. 


Burning Hops is a small batch, big flavour craft sauce company in the south of The Netherlands. Every hot sauce is unique, made by hand and vegan.

​Our inspiration comes from the craft beer scene and craft beer is one of the headliners for every hot sauce we make. We intend to select the right chillies to make it the flavor bomb with the right amount of heat without losing the notes of the beerstyle we used.



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